¥ 5,500税込

A luxurious scent that give the sensation like being in the middle of nature, a bath scent offering a relaxing and soothing bath time for the body and spirit. Thanks to its abundant natural moisturizing oil, it is also a gentle bath essence for the skin.


Package size:height 210mm x width 57mm x depth 57mm weight 310g
Bottle size:height 195mm x width 40mm x depth 40mm weight 245g (200ml about eight uses)

Blended with hinoki oil produced in Mie Prefecture.
By blending the scent of geranium and iris to the sophisticated fragrance of hinoki, ornateness is expressed. Adding sandalwood to the base as an accent draws out the depth of the fragrance. ( Hinoki : Japanese cypress)

How to use

Mix the contents of about 4 caps of inner cap (about 25 ml) with the hot water of the bathtub (about 200 liters) before taking your bath.
To fully experience the scent and moisturizing effect, put an appropriate quantity on your body before entering in the bathtub. Please pay attention to any possible sliding effect.

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•Wrapping: Free of charge

•Paper bag M (height 400mm x width 208mm):324 yen

•Paper bag S (height 265mm x width 210mm):216 yen


※Paper bag M concern Porcelain Diffuser and Porcelain Stick.
Paper bag S concern the size for all the other goods.