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Porcelain diffuser made of “Arita porcelain”, which was established more than 400 years ago in the early Edo period and is the origin of Japanese ceramics. The rectangular and elegant container is made of original Arita porcelain. It’s a new diffuser that spreads scent thanks to these ceramic sticks made from a new material. 224porcelain, develops porcelain diffuser, is located in Hizen Yoshida in Saga Prefecture. While using Arita porcelain technology as a base, they
are developing a ceramic according to a new manufacturing technique that does not exist


Package size:height 352mm x width 122mm x depth 67mm weight 975g
Container size:height 150mm x width 50mm x depth 50mm weight 310g
Stick size:263mm
Fragrance contents:200ml
Container・lid・stick ( Arita porcelain, made in 224 porcelain),
Refill for diffuser(200ml)

Blended with hiba oil produced in Aomori Prefecture.
Tonka bean is added to the profound scent of hiba to express a well- rounded sweetness. By adding pine needle and tea tree to the base, a refreshing sense spreads throughout. ( Hiba: White-ceder leaf)

How to use

Pour the fragrance into the container, place the top cover on it, and insert the porcelain stick. Adjust the strength of the aroma based on the amount of fragrance. Although it depends on the usage environment, the aroma lasts approximately 4 weeks. Even if there is no more of the poured fragrance remaining, the fragrance that has been adsorbed by the porcelain stick will continue to emit an aroma for a while. There are differences in colors and shapes because it is hand-made porcelain.

If you wish to wrap your gift

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•Wrapping: Free of charge

•Paper bag M (height 400mm x width 208mm):324 yen

•Paper bag S (height 265mm x width 210mm):216 yen


※Paper bag M concern Porcelain Diffuser and Porcelain Stick.
Paper bag S concern the size for all the other goods.