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Porcelain incense plate made of “Arita porcelain”, which was established more than 400 years ago in the early Edo period and is the origin of Japanese ceramics. The porcelain incense stand is inserted in the groove of the Arita porcelain incense holder. There are two possible positions and the user chooses the position of the incense stand. 224porcelain, develops porcelain incense plate, is located in Hizen Yoshida in the city of Ureshino, in Saga Prefecture. While using Arita porcelain technology as a base, they are developing a ceramic according to a new manufacturing technique that does not exist elsewhere.


Package size:height 176mm x width 60mm x depth 28mm weight 280g
Plate size:height 163mm x width 44mm x depth 17mm weight 215g
Incense stand size:height 5mm x width 33mm x depth 33mm weight 13g

Insert the accompanying incense stand into the groove on the porcelain incense plate, insert an incense stick into the stand, and set it so that its ashes drop onto the porcelain incense plate.
The accompanying incense stand can also be used by placing it on the porcelain incense plate. When doing so, it is possible to arrange the location where it is placed, depending on the length of the incense stick.

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•Wrapping: Free of charge

•Paper bag M (height 400mm x width 208mm):324 yen

•Paper bag S (height 265mm x width 210mm):216 yen


※Paper bag M concern Porcelain Diffuser and Porcelain Stick.
Paper bag S concern the size for all the other goods.