The five senses are the faculties that sense the outside world. Among them, they say, the sense of smell is the only one that is linked to instinct. The scent of Japanese trees has been deeply rooted in the lives of Japanese people since ancient times, and it still soothes people's souls. The impetus for this project came from the desire for more people to experience KITOWA's products, which feature fragrances that are etched in our genes. We wish to deliver visually perceptible scents to people around the world, transcending national borders and cultural barriers. We will express, through digital art, various imaginary landscapes evoked by fragrance and convey the value of fragrance, visualizing the world of KITOWA.

KITOWA Brand Story

Since ancient times, Japan’s trees have given off a dignified, beautiful appearance.
Their rich aroma invites a superior and sophisticated space. Enjoy a lavish experiencesimilar to nestling close to characteristic Japanese trees and taking deep breaths on adaily basis.

3 roots

HINOKI img ヒノキ(三重県産) HINOKI produced in Mie Prefecture

“Hinoki” (Japanese cypress) is known for its rich aroma and as one of Japan's finest building materials. It has been used in the "Sengu" ceremony held at Ise Jingu Shrine in Mie Prefecture every 20 years as the most significant Shinto ritual to rebuild the shrine pavilions. The beautiful, translucent white bark is a characteristic of this wood, and in recent years it has been used as a material for fragrances in Europe and the United States. The name "Hinoki" has begun to spread around the world.

HIBA img ヒバ(青森県産) HIBA produced in Aomori Prefecture

“Hiba” (Japanese Thujopsis) is a coniferous tree indigenous to Japan. Its warm fragrance characterizes Hiba, and they say that the scent of Hiba is gentle to people and has a hidden effect of relaxing and relieving stress.
Aomori Hiba (Japanese Thujopsis in Aomori Prefecture) is said to be one of Japan's three most beautiful tree species, along with Kiso Hinoki (Japanese cypress in Nagano Prefecture) and Akita Sugi (Japanese cedar in Akita Prefecture). Like Hinoki, it is durable, and Aomori Hiba is also used as a building material in Chuson-ji Temple in Hiraizumi, which is part of the World Heritage Site.

KUSUNOKI img クスノキ(屋久島産) KUSUNOKI produced in Yakushima Island

“Kusunoki” (camphor tree) sometimes grows over 30 meters and is sometimes referred to as a sacred tree because of its enormous size. It has a cool, refreshing fragrance, perfect for a tropical tree. Camphor, a crystalline perfume extracted from Kusunoki, from Kagoshima Prefecture, is famous for being of the highest quality. One theory is that the name "Kusunoki" comes from the name "Kusuri-no-ki" ("Tree of medicine") because of its pain-relieving and insect-repellent effects.

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Nozomi Yuasa is a Japanese illustration artist based in New Zealand specializing in watercolor painting, digital painting and animation. She has breathed life into some of the must-know names in fashion and beauty right now, including BVLGARI, FENDI, Repetto PARIS. Her talent has been recognized by WWD, VOGUE, NUMERO among many international magazines. Her watercolor paintings and illustrations reflect the seasons around her life in New Zealand and Tokyo. They also allow her to slow down and take time to reconnect with the beauty of nature as well as the small things in life.


SATORI img Satori

When I lit the KITOWA INCENSE STICK for the first time, I was captivated by its delicate and profound fragrance and noble presence. The space filled with the beautiful aroma and faint scent of smoke stimulated my senses. It was a mysterious experience, like being lured to some faraway place surrounded by silence.

Foggy Bridge img Foggy Bridge

When I put a few drops of BATH ESSENSE in the warm bathtub, the rich aroma of Japanese wood spread through the steam, and it was as if I had wandered into a misty forest.
I drew a scenery that came to me from the depths of my memory―a small river running through a deep forest and a small bridge over it.

In To The Nature img In To The Nature

Every time I took a deep breath surrounded by the spectacular and rich fragrance of the Japanese trees, it brought back memories of days spent in nature.
The trees change their looks from season to season, and their fragrance never fails to inspire me.